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    Waterproof micro switch 12v and how they can be made waterproof

    Micro switches have been in use for many years, and so many manufacturers make them from different parts of the world. The term refers to snap action or small factor action switches.

    The operation of the switch involves the use of a small actuator movement and a small force. In most cases, a stiff actuator strip is used to support springs that, in turn, flip a force on the switch button. After release, it flips back at high speed using hysteresis. This means that the activation force is much higher than the force of deactivation. This metal strip movement produces a clicking sound, which gives the mechanism tactile feedback.

    Making the Rocker switch waterproof

    Many applications can use the waterproof switch, especially in high humidity and rugged environments. They are also used in areas with high temperatures, such as space applications and the military. The main challenge to coming up with waterproof micro switches is the maintenance of the integrity of the seal. It can come into contact with so many switch activations.

    The electromechanical switch endurance should be balanced against conflicting goals of the circuit type, different temperature performance, type of actuators, and startup current requirements. Many other design parameters should be met to have a balanced approach meeting different requirements.

    Some switches can be splash proof and water-resistant without necessarily being waterproof. If you need a waterproof micro switch, you need to pick a supplier or manufacturer very keenly. Get to know what they have to offer to guarantee that what you are getting is, indeed, what you require at the end of the day. The best switches are manufactured in a process that allows low costs of production, expected temperature ranges, and high performance.

    Choosing to work with a micro switch manufacturer with great experience means that custom switches can be achieved and designed easily. The switch quality can be guaranteed and can offer very particular processes the kind of outcome desired.

    Why choose micro switches from DEWO

    Picking the right micro switch factory and manufacturer can make a great difference for you, depending on your aims. To be safe, it helps to pick a team of professionals with years of experience and a proven track record for the production of the best waterproof micro switches.

    At DEWO, we have a team of professional engineers who work hard to ensure that you get the best value for money and uncompromised systems. We offer waterproof switches. It is not only about being splash-proof or water-resistant. The switches are sealed with an enclosure that is made of Santoprene or neoprene.

    Our manufacturing processes allow high electromechanical performance as well as an extended temperature range. This results in producing the highest quality types of waterproof Rocker switches that can be used in different industries.

    There is a variety of the best  switches that one can choose from to match the various processes that are in place.

    DEWO  works at creating the most functional switches to meet all your needs in different industries. Choosing the best guarantees the best functionality.

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