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    Classification of micro switch

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    &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; there are many kinds of micro switches, there are hundreds of kinds of micro switch, the body is divided into ordinary type, small, ultra compact; according to the protective performance points, there are waterproof, dust proof, explosion-proof type; according to the split form, there is a single type, double type, multi type. There is a strong off microswitch (when the reed switch doesn't work, the external force can make the switch off); according to the breaking capacity, there are the ordinary type, DC type, micro electro flow pattern, high current type. By the use of the environment, common type, type high temperature (250 DEG C), ultra high temperature ceramic type (400 DEG C)
    The micro switch to press without auxiliary accessories for basic types, and to derive the small program, the program. According to need can join different auxiliary press accessories, according to join different pressing auxiliary switches can be divided for button type, leaf roller, a lever roller, motion of short arm, movable arm type and other forms.
    The micro switch is widely used in electronic equipment, instruments, mines, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, electrical equipment and other fields. The switch is small, but it plays an irreplaceable role.
    The current domestic market on the fretting switch according to requirements for the use of, the mechanical life of the switch is 3W to 1000W ranging, 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W, 300W, 500W, 800W, general domestic use beryllium bronze, tin bronze, stainless steel wire spring, foreign Alps highest can do 1000W, their reed is made of rare metal titanium. The highest WK-01B can also be reached 1000W times.
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