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    Working principle of micro switch

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    Micro switch is a kind of pressure to promote the rapid switch, also known as the sensitive switch.
    Its working principle is: external mechanical force through the transmission element (according to the pin, a button, a lever and a roller) will force on the reed motion, and energy is accumulated to a critical point, resulting in instantaneous action, make the reed motion at the end of the moving contact and the fixed contact quickly switched on or off. When removing the force transmission component, the reed motion produced reverse acting force, when the transmission element reverse stroke to Reed's critical operating point, instantaneous complete reverse action. The contact distance of the micro switch is small, the action is short, the power is small, the power is small, and the switch is fast. The movement speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the speed of the driving device. The microswitch to press pin type is the basic type can be derived button in the short program and program button, button large programs, the wheel button type, leaf roller, leverage and roller, motion of short arm, movable arm type and so on. The micro switch is used in the electronic equipment and other equipment for the automatic control and safety protection of the frequent changing of the circuit. Micro switch is divided into large, medium and small, according to different needs can be divided into waterproof type (placed in the liquid environment) and ordinary type, switch connection two lines, for electrical, machinery, power control, wide application in the mouse, home appliances, industrial machinery, motorcycles and other places, the switch is small, but plays an irreplaceable role.
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