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    Search:DV type micro switch SS type micro switch Ultra small micro switch

    Deveau electronic, quality assurance
    Service Hotline:0769 - 81732018

    Manager : Wang Songshan


    FAX: 0769-81732225

    Email: sales@dgdewo.com

    Address: Dongguan City Shilong Town of Hot Springs Road No. 70

    About DEWO
    Deveau technology vision is to become a world-class Excellent Companies. The product service industry leadership to the pursuit of science and technology.
    Deveau technology to transparency, independence and impartiality. At the same time in pursuit of business income and profit, to play the role of the global corporate citizenship, production system in line with the green environmental protection products, send timely feedback to the community.
    Andover technology mission, in the short term to ranking among the "switch control door products leader" as the goal, long-term to "mechanical and electronic control product integration leading" period of Xu.
    Business strategy
    Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, innovation and realize the new dream
    Efforts to achieve the enterprise capital efficiency of enterprise management, innovation and maintain the industry leading technology, production efficiency leading, the largest market share in order to ensure that the enterprise exists in the industry and social value competitiveness.
    - maintain industry leading level of technology innovation
    To innovate the technology, to achieve industry technology leader. To enrich the research and development to provide advanced goods for customers, goods, provide relief proposals for quality products and service to customers.
    Leading - production efficiency
    Take the quality as a guide, to maximize the energy saving and emission reduction, improve production efficiency to meet customer delivery and sales demand.
    - to maximize market share
    With strong, innovative technology, production efficiency of the leading, high quality after-sales service to achieve the largest market share. Realize the value of the enterprise core benefit, social value.
    Realize the growth and development of enterprises, increase the chance to realize the new dream and realize the innovation.
    Deveau belief
    Customer satisfaction, execution excellence, innovation and integrity, Andover to follow the principles and believe in the value and the implementation in enterprise operation and management.
    - customer satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction)
    Our job is to create profit for the customer. Listen to customers, master Zhao potential, create market profits, create win-win.
    - excellent execution (Excellence in Execution)
    Performance is the best of human relations, only the best to survive.
    Creative (Innovation)
    The existing achievement is not self-sufficient, Gou Rixin, daily, continuous learning.
    - integrity (Integrity)
    Only the good faith to enable enterprises to win shareholders, customers and employees forever trust and achieve the goal of sustainable management and enhance the core value of the industry..
    • HotLine

    • 0769-0769-81732018