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      Both supply and demand, promote the development of industrial upgrading performa [2015-08-29]
      Chinese suppliers have enhanced the performance of the micro switch to improve competitiveness. Rising demand from traditional markets and emerging markets is expected in the coming months to stimulate the development of such products. Although China's micro switch products are still getting entry-level and mid-range products, but some companies are launching more models with high electrical and mechanical performance and added value to the high-end market forward.
      Note on the use of the micro switch [2015-08-29]
      Note: when using the 2) please note that free state action should not be directly on the actuator button or exert force when used for the button should force is applied to the vertical direction.
      Type of micro switch [2015-08-29]
      there are many kinds of micro switch, there are hundreds of kinds of micro switch, according to the volume of ordinary type, small, ultra small; according to the protective performance, there are waterproof, dust proof, explosion-proof type;
      Working principle of micro switch [2015-08-29]
      Micro switch is a kind of pressure to promote the rapid switch, also known as the sensitive switch. Its working principle is: external mechanical force through the transmission element (according to the pin, a button, a lever and a roller) will force on the reed motion
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