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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question answered below , please contact us , we’ll answer it and add it to your FAQ


Nitro just made some changes to our site but i don’t see them, where are they ?

Answer: Most likely your browsers caches needs cleared as it’s storing an older version of the page you are viewing. For most browsers you can simply hold down CTRL F5. If that doesn’t work , please use Google Search and find out how to clear your browsers cache files.


Can i get something different then what i see offered on your site ?

Answer: Of course you can. We are 100% open to have you explain your idea and allow us to bring-it-to-life ! Send us an email and we can discuss it. We are not limited to Fantasy Football sites , this is just our passion , certainly not our limitation.

Do you have any yearly reoccurring fees ?

Answer: No, we do not charge any yearly hosting fees for your images or files we set up on our server. However there will be additional fees on a year to year basis if you decide you’d like us to update some of your graphics or coding.

Do you work for / or are you a part of ?

Answer: No we are not. We are just a few Fantasy Footballers like yourselves who enjoyed customizing our leagues and figured their might be enough others out there that appreciated a sweet looking site to look at all winter.

I saw a site some other company made , can you make me one just like it ?

Answer: Sorry, but we will not copy other designers graphics or coding. However , you can purchase your template or graphics elsewhere and we’d be happy to assist in further customizations.


Do you only accept paypal as a method for payment ?

Answer: For online sources, that is all we accept. However if your old-school and prefer not to use online payment centers , we can provide you will a mailing address to accept money orders or checks.

Where can i submit payment for something you don’t have priced out ?

Answer: In the bottom left corner of each page of our site is a “Donation” link that will direct you to our paypal address. You can submit payments there and please note what your paying for.

Will you match the price of your competitor for a similar project ?

Answer: We will try our best to do so , so please give us the opportunity to price out what you have in mind.